{By being yourself, you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before. ~Edwin Elliot}

Think back to when you were just a kid. You didn’t “try” to project an image or perform in any way. You were just unapologetically, comfortably, beautifully you. It’s this same raw, uneditedness (is that a word?) I aspire to capture in my portrait sessions. I know as well as anyone how hard it can be hard to act natural in front of a camera, but I promise before you know it, your real smile (not the “say cheese” smile) and your personality behind it will emerge in no time. The result? Endearing and colorful portraits which are unmistakably and authentically you.

The biggest emotion I felt when looking through my gallery was JOY. I felt the love our family has. I teared up because they were so beautiful. I already felt nostalgic looking at them because I know I'll look at these many times remembering our life at that stage.

- CF

This is how I want to remember my son when he's grown up. The photos captured him so well. I'm so happy to have them to look back on when he was this age.

- MJ

I was falling into the trap of thinking what my "image" should be, but Jayne rescued me and got the real me.

- GE

I had a super hard time picking a favorite because honestly, Jayne has captured so many amazing and special moments for that almost every photo I have from her is a favorite. It's an investment you won't regret.

- AY

If you want to hire someone to take a great picture of your whole family sitting in front of a camera, you have endless options. But if you want someone to capture the joy and laughter and connections and personality that is your family, you have to hire Jayne. She is worth it. She over delivered on everything!

- LM

Not sure I’ve ever been so comfortable having a camera in my face.

- LH

With Jayne, I feel she truly captures a moment of my life and reminds me of how beautiful it is. Than I get to take it with me to treasure forever.

- AE

Jayne's pictures allow us to go to back to the first moments with our little one and feel that joy and amazement again and again.

- EC

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