about jayne

When I’m behind the lens, life slows down. Details become clearer. Memories stick. It centers me and keeps me grounded. No wonder it’s what I love to do. Not only for myself, but for you too!

a little about me

Hover over (or tap on a smartphone/tablet) the images below to learn about the people and things I love the most in life!

My Murse

I’m married to a critical care nurse whom I affectionately call, Murse. He’s a dreamer and adventurer. The ro.fam lives a fuller life because he dreams up adventures great and small and brings us along for the ride!

photo creds for this pic and slider pic: Kira Childers

My Nerds

I have two boys whom I affectionately call nerds because of their love of awesome nerdy things (aka their Murse genetics). Even though the tweens and teens have taken over the ro.house, I will (not so secretly) tell you that they still love to be tickled, love to snuggle and love to read. And if you find them hanging out together, they’re usually indoor rock climbing or playing the Settlers of Catan.

My Rosie

Rosie is our big, floppy, fluffy puppy. She loves to take walks through campus and chase the mailman for treats. When she sees complete strangers walking her way, she usually sits and waits for them to stop and pet her. If she could speak, we lovingly think she’d sound and act like Kronk from The Emperor’s New Groove.

My Alter-Ego

I have an alter ego. Her name is OCDiva and she played roller derby for Muncie’s Cornfed Derby Dames for 3 great years. She took a lot of beatings, but she gave a few as well — but mainly she gave hugs and high fives!

photo creds: Matt Ruddick

My Ridiculous Passion

A huge part of me is ridiculously passionate about documenting life. I have an educational background in journalism and design, which has given me the great opportunity of documenting life as I see it. Photography adds an even greater depth to that love.

sweetness + light …

I lost my mama to breast cancer in April 2005. It happened so fast that before I was even able to catch up, she was gone. Thankfully she spent 2 wonderful years getting to know my oldest son, Tommy. I have this image of her standing in my living room swaying gently back and forth whispering to a newborn Tommy softly with a smile, “He’s sweetness and light … sweetness and light.”

I can almost hear it being whispered sweetly in my ear right now; and I know she would say the same about my youngest Louis. She was my biggest fan with every adventure I pursued. I wish she were here to tell me in person that what she sees in my photographs is sweetness and light. But until that day, I’ll keep it as my business name to remind me of her own sweetness and light and be encouraged by her words.